SpongeBob amaranth breakfasts in cream glaze 220g



Delicious and healthy gluten-free food that both children and adults like;
• functional nutrition for everyone who wants to preserve youth and beauty;
• diabetic products based on a new generation of amaranth without outdated sweeteners and side effects; • the best option for weight loss;
• effective and affordable domestic components for a gluten-free diet.These products were developed with the participation of nutritionists and endocrinologists, leading specialists in the food industry and experts in the field of biotechnology. Amaranth gluten-free and sugar-free “Sponge Bob” breakfasts are enriched with a vitamin mixture, fiber, minerals and micro-elements, which makes them especially useful for both children and adults. They are made according to a unique recipe from corn flour, rice flour and amaranth flour with the addition of girasol. Each ball is covered with a thin layer of glaze. There is absolutely no sugar, and stevia extract is used as a sweetener. Ready-made Sponge Bob breakfasts can be consumed with milk or Yogurt, or as an independent meal
Ingredients: coarse rice flour, coarse corn flour, coarse amaranth flour, dried girasol, salt, confectionery glaze (sweetener isomalt, cocoa butter, cocoa butter substitute, milk powder, emulsifier soy lecithin, dried girasol, identical to natural flavor “vanilla”, vanillin, sweetener stevia extract (stevioside)), a vitamin mixture. Specifications: Net weight: 220 g/ Shelf life: 12 months/ Energy value: 1,818 KJ/ 436 kcal/ Nutritional value (in 100 g): Proteins 9 g/ Fats 17.9 g/ Carbohydrates 59.7 g (without sugar alcohols 54.0 g)/ Fiber 1.4 g/ Minerals: in 100 g % of recommended average daily intake* Potassium 182 mg %; Calcium 66 mg%; Magnesium 53 mg %; Phosphorus 144 mg%; Iron 3 mg%; Sodium 6 mg%; * Recommended average daily intake