“Smart sweets” marshmallow, vanilla, glazed, with stevia 180g



Delicious and healthy gluten-free food that both children and adults like;
• functional nutrition for everyone who wants to preserve youth and beauty;
• diabetic products based on a new generation of amaranth without outdated sweeteners and side effects; • the best option for weight loss;
• effective and affordable domestic components for a gluten-free diet.
These products were developed with the participation of nutritionists and endocrinologists, leading specialists in the food industry and experts in the field of biotechnology. Soft, airy marshmallow with vanilla flavor in the glaze “Smart Sweets”, composed of a natural sweetener based on stevia. Gluten-free, made without added sugar and fructose.
Ingredients: sweetener – isomalt, apple puree, egg white, jelly-forming agent – pectin, acidity regulator – lactic acid, moisture-retaining agent – sodium lactate, sweetener – stevia, flavor – “vanilla”, confectionery glaze (sweetener isomalt, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa powder, milk powder, emulsifier – soy lecithin, flavor “vanilla” sweetener stevioside). Mineral substances: Specifications. Net weight: 180 g. Shelf life is 5 months. Energy value: 1,451 kJ/348 kcal. Nutritional value (in 100 g): Proteins 1.4 g. Fats: 9.1 g. Carbohydrates 65.1 g (including 30 g of isomalt) (no more than 0.5 g in terms of sucrose). Fiber 0. Number of bread units is not more than 5.4 BU